COVID-19 Is Surely A Prelude Of Things To Come

With the COVID-19 virus that’s currently sweeping and plaguing the world, we are all getting a glimpse of things still yet to come.  Events and other future unrest that will be on a much bigger scale. With people daily losing their jobs, businesses shutting down, employees being laid off and all the bickering in Washington, it’s clear to see the government is not the answer nor will it be able to save us long term. As the desperation spreads and death tolls rise, sorry to say the worst is still yet to come. With food shortages, half empty grocery stores, and the half-empty big box department stores in shortage is also a sign and a grim reminder and confirms the worst is yet to come. The inability to get most the basic-essential products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, anti-bacterial wipes, paper towels, emergency first aid kits and the things that we all took for granted just days ago should be a true eye opener.

Time To Prepare

The COVID-19 is showing the world and what Christians have knows all along what lies ahead.  Now is the time to prepare and get ready. Just for a moment think to yourself instead of toilet paper that’s impossible to obtain, you cannot purchase food, water and the really basic necessities needed to stay alive? There will mass epic pandemonium of biblical proportions on a scale the world has never before seen. The time is now to prepare yourself and your loved ones by obtaining the necessary equipment and supplies.  Generators, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, cookware, cooking utensils, portable stoves and many other things will be crucial to stay aive. We are living in the Revelation days and we should respond accordingly. There’s many organizations, businesses, major corporations and Christian Ministries trying to prepare and educate those in the final hours to be ready and prepare.

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