CAMPING gear I WANT in 2020 | My BACKPACKING gear wish list

CAMPING gear I WANT in 2020 | My BACKPACKING gear wish list


CAMPING gear I WANT in 2020 | My BACKPACKING gear wish list
Camping, backpacking and the great outdoors.

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Hey Guys
I’m Paul Messner. My videos show the camping trips I go on, the backpacking gear I use as well as reviews of the equipment that I use in the outdoors. So if tents, backpacks, stoves and mountains are your thing…make sure to subscribe. Thank you for dropping by. Paul

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This video filmed with:

My TOP 5 wish list items


Gear I use:
UGQ Bandit Quilt
Hilleberg Soulo Tent
Sleeping Pads
Mini folding table
Osprey Backpack
Trangia Stove
Orange Mug
SOTO Windmaster Stove
Mini Pot Grips
Salomon Boots

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5 thoughts on “CAMPING gear I WANT in 2020 | My BACKPACKING gear wish list

  1. Love the channel and its getting me into hiking/camping for 2020 to mix it up with my cycling. I’m looking to budget to start of with & get Naturehike Cloud Up 2 tent & the Down Sleeping bag. Other bits I’ve picked up over the years. Any suggestions on retailers budget gear apart from Go Outdoors & Decathlon?

  2. You need to try the sea to summit coffee dripper, only $20 us. Makes fantastic pour over coffee on the trial or at home. works great. Packs down small and weights next to nothing. You actually inspired my 2020 wish list, just getting out camping more often with the gear I have, take some videos and pictures, and enjoy a few cold IPA’s

  3. Try the sea to summit coffee dripper. Makes a great pour over coffee on the trail or at home. Packs down small weighs next to nothing. You inspired my 2020 wishlist. Just getting our camping more often, use the gear I have, take some pics / videos, a few IPA’s and enjoy being outside.

  4. Hello Paul.
    Interesting subject for a film. Iv’e made a new years resolution to try an reach ‘Peak kit’ For me its more Bushcraft and woodland camping stuff.
    My mission is to not buy anything new in 2021. possible exceptions for clothing.
    I;m also gonna add up how much i spend in a year and do a summary at the end of the year for a youtube film.
    I do believe there are a lot of kit junkies out there, most of us are guilty, its just a matter of the degree of guilt. Youtube has certainly fueled this, as so many people like to have the words ‘testing new gear/kit’ in the title of there latest post.
    One of the first guys i followed on youtube was called the Funky Prepper. He had more gadgets than James Bond.
    Dare i ask how much your wish list comes to moneywise?
    Good job on the film.
    Gary aka Bushcraft Dads.

  5. Save yourself a bundle Paul and go for the APG brand sold on Aliexpress less than a quarter of the price of Jet boil exactly the same.. Had mine for 18 months now use it every time I go out. Never missed a beat… Comes with attachments for larger pans etc.. .. 3 different sized containers 500ml 750ml. 1.1L

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